Clean Plate - Clean Plate

12″ LP
  • Side A (33 RPM)
  • ? (19:03)
  • Side B (33 RPM)
  • O (21:54)


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During the Great Blizzard of 2010, Julian Grefe and Justin Geller of Pink Skull alongside Quentin Stolzfus (Azusa PlaneMazarin) holed up in a two hundred year old barn with 20 some odd (and some not) synthesizers, the mighty Pink Skull Modular, a 1 inch 8-track, and enough mushrooms to shelter a village of Smurfs. The result of this meeting of the mind-melters is the Clean Plate album, an analog inner space journey in the tradition of Tangerine Dream's Phaedra and Brainticket's Voyage. Gurgling pads, stalactitic arpeggios, whole synth hog drones, groans and moans, guide the listener through the tube into a sublime union with an ominous reality abyss. Clean Plate is the unusual precursor to Pink Skull's forthcoming album on RVNG Intl, Psychic Welfare.

Strictly limited to 100 vinyl copies, silk-screened covers.

Equipment used in the making of Clean Plate:

Ampex 440 1" Tape Machine, API 1608, Baldwin Piano, Blue Lantern Modular, EH Microsynth, Farfisa, Fender Rhodes 73 Mark 1, Hammond B3, HP tube oscillators, Jupiter 6, Key-bass, Korg Monopoly, Korg SR120 Univox Drum Machine, Mochika-2, Moog Li'l Phatty, Moog Modular, Moog Rogue, Oberheim Matrix 6, Synsonics Drums, Synare, Yamaha DX-7, Yamaha M508